All in for 2021

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: we’re glad 2020 is behind us. 

We’re so grateful to move forward with our business, our team, and our community. It’s because of you—our customers, fans, and supporters—that we’re still here. Saying “thank you” will never be enough. 

While last year was a stress-filled, angst-ridden mess, we did see a few positive outcomes:  

  • We expanded our online business. (Thank you so much for your support, particularly during the shutdown.)  
  • Six retail partners throughout New York State are now offering our goods to their customers.
  • We launched a women’s collection with its own physical space (connected to our existing shop).

For 2021, we won’t give you a list of business resolutions or commitments. Instead, we want you to know that we’re committing to being the best we can be. 

We’ll strive to be good employers to our growing team (with expanded benefits). We’ll continue to listen to our community. And we’ll do our best to make the right decisions when hard choices come our way.  

That said, we have a lot of things to be excited about. Here are just a few:

  • Developing new products for our men’s assortment.
  • Refining and expanding our women’s offerings. (Know a brand we should carry? Let us know.)
  • Graphics for the whole family (designed not just for our local community, but also for New York and even the world at large).
  • Hospitality partnerships (more to come).
  • Expanding our wholesale partners. (Know a place that should sell our gear? Send them our way.)

The biggest lesson we learned last year was about the importance of resilience. 2021—we’ve got this.

Thanks again for being on the journey with us.

Andrew + Clark

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