April (Anniversary!) Dispatch

We made it to 3 years.  For a small business this benchmark is huge.  Most people will say, if you can get at this point, you can keep going (don't worry, we are)

When we were planning how to celebrate this milestone, we had a list of things we wanted to do:

  • Renovate the shop to expand and make a better experience (sort of done!)
  • Relaunch the webshop to offer those afar the same experience (done!)
  • Launch new product categories and offerings (in progress!)
  • A weekend of events: Whiskey Tasting, DJs, Mug-Mosas (stay tuned!)

It's redundant to mention how the world has changed, but here we are.

Since the beginning, the one thing we've been able to count on is you. It's been you, our community, who have helped us along the way this far. We have so enjoyed becoming part of your lives, your families.  We love celebrating the milestones of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.  We love how you ask us to pick the perfect gift, or how you just come by to chill.  It's you who we are looking forward to seeing again soon.  

Stay home please, Stay safe please.  

We can't wait to see you again,

-Andrew & Clark


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  • Mark

    Congratulations! I knew it would be amazing and you haven’t disappointed. I’m a loyal fan.

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