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Fall Layering in the Catskills

Posted by Andrew Addotta on
Fall Layering in the Catskills

It's that time of year we love (some of us anyway).  FALL 🎃🎃

During this season temperatures can swing 30 degrees from the morning lows to the daytime highs. It's layering season here in the Catskills.  Our 4 essential layers will keep you warm in the morning, and just right for lunch or your hiking trail

The Essential Layers:

1.  Base Layer:   The long sleeve T.   Our brushed cotton and recycled poly T's will keep you warm but won't leave you sweating at the midday peak

2.  The Quarterzip.   It might not be sweater weather quite yet, so the 1/4 is here to do his job and keep that warmth close to your body. Easy to pop off and tie around your waist as needed

3.  The Long Sleeve Shirt:  Flannel?  Stretch Corduroy?  Plaid?  Solid?  They all work, it's up to you to pick your favorite.

4.  The Jacket:  This is where you can really have some fun. Are you a vest guy?  Do you want some Sherpa?  Hood or no hood?  This piece will be your most important- pick it carefully.

We hope you enjoy this colorful season here.  Get outdoors, see the world and #staycurious

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