Favorite gifts from our Favorite Brands...

There is a lot of talk about finding the 'perfect' gift, but no one talks about how long it takes to design them, make them, or select those gifts to get to them all wrapped up. These brands we below are some of our favorites, brought to you by some of our favorite people.  We hope you find something to give to your favorite person... 

The Normal Brand:

This crew, Conrad, Lan & Jimmy, (all brothers!) have been partners with us right from the beginning. By only making things that they themselves wear, these pieces will be your new favorites for sue. They say that 'Normal fits better', and we couldn't agree more. The Normal Brand is one of our favorites.

What we love this season:

  • Quarter Zip Pull Overs (Charcoal, Navy and Red Heather) 
  • Soft Flannels
  • Henley Hoodies (the best of both worlds, and in 4 colors!)

Get your gifts here:  https://hamiltonandadams.com/collections/hoodies-sweatshirts/products/the-normal-brand-puremeso-hoodie-navy


Peter and Joanna are just as warm as their double layer wovens!     Grayers is dedicated to 'Rewriting the classics', and they are very good at this.     Each piece has details you might not even think of, but truly appreciate.    

Our picks of this season:

  • Heritage Flannels (truly the warmest)
  • CPO jackets (that's Chief Petty Officer to you!)
  • Double layer wovens- Warm without the bulk!

Get your gifts here:   https://hamiltonandadams.com/collections/grayers-holiday-2018


Twins who grew up loving the outdoors, Mike and Alex are inspired by doing the very best every time.   They started their own brand (named after themselves, just like us!) and it's a perfect match for us: amazing fits, unique fabrics, and the best feel for your body

The best of the list:

  • The Buffalo Belmar Sweater
  • Pacific Shirt in Windowpane Heather
  • Reversible Bondi Jacket

Get your gifts here:  https://hamiltonandadams.com/collections/faherty-holiday-2018

We look forward to seeing you in the store, and helping you find the perfect gift for all of the favorites on your list!   We've got drinks and candy waiting for you...

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