What are we grateful for this year? Everything ❤️🦃

We’ve never been so thankful to gather with the people we love. 

Last year, many of us celebrated a pared-down version of Thanksgiving. We held off on travel. We stuck close to home. Maybe we cooked for our immediate families, or our partners, or our roommates, or our social pods. Maybe we baked just one pie instead of three, or opted for a turkey breast instead of a full bird. Or maybe we didn’t make a feast at all: maybe we just cuddled up and ordered in and hoped that next year would be better.

It was a strange holiday during a strange time. And while it may have offered its own unexpected joys, it came with a lot of sadness, too—the sadness of knowing that many of us couldn’t be together. 

This year is different. We’re still a long way from “normal,” but many of us are able to enjoy things that we couldn’t imagine doing 12 months ago. That alone is cause for gratitude. 

With that in mind—and in honor of Thanksgiving 2021—here are a few things that we’re especially thankful for this year:

  1. Seeing friends again. Catching up over drinks. Hugging. Letting each other know how much we’ve missed each other. And resolving to never take those friendships for granted, ever again. 
  2. Spending more time with customers. We love seeing you walk into the store. We love spending time with you as you look for that “just-right” thing. And we’re so grateful that many of you keep coming back, and that we’re able to get to know you—and serve you—even better. 
  3. Growing the business. Despite all the challenges of the past year, we didn’t just expand once. We expanded twice. We opened up our women’s shop in November 2020. Then we took over the corner space in June 2021, using some of that new square footage to expand our kids’ and home collections. 

Speaking of collections: we’re grateful and proud to unveil this year’s gift collections for holiday 2021. We hope you’ll find these lists inspiring as you consider your gift-giving plans in the weeks to come: 

  1. Upstate & Chill. Our bestselling signature collection includes festive mugs, pine-scented candles, and cozy apparel for everyone in the family.  
  2. Gifts Under $50. Find something fantastic for every budget: upstate beanies, puzzles based on New Yorker covers, pillar candles with cedar botanicals, and yes, a card game about cannibalism
  3. Gifts Under $100. Looking to go a little more luxe? Pick up the perfect cashmere beanie, some sandalwood-scented solid cologne from Fulton & Roark, or a one-size-fits-all Marine Layer scarf with a warm rainbow glow
  4. Gifts for Her. How about a classic Apres Puffer Vest from Marine Layer? Or a gorgeous pendant necklace made from nurturing jasper? Or a bottle of empowering orange-blossom perfume? We’ve got all that and so much more.  
  5. Gifts for Him. He’ll be thrilled with our retro quarter-zip from Marine Layer, our vintage-inspired mesh trucker hats, or our irresistible Wakayama mitts made entirely of cowhide
  6. Stocking Stuffers. Candy coal, maple syrup aged in rye barrels, and rainbow Santa riding on a unicorn: we’ve got all the stocking stuffers you need right here. 

There’s plenty more where that came from. But to tell you the truth, if we could choose just one gift this holiday season, it would probably be this: to stay thankful, no matter what—for what we have, for who we love, and for every second we enjoy together.  

Gratefully yours,

Andrew + Clark

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