What is Sweater Weather?

The Many Meanings of “Sweater Weather”

October is coming to an end, so it’s time to break out our favorite sweaters—and reflect on the many meanings of “sweater weather.”   

Sweater weather evokes coziness, of course. But it brings up a lot of other feelings and associations, too…some of them surprising.

First up: the Bronx Beat in the fall of 2007. This immortal SNL skit featured Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler as Jodi and Betty, two ladies in the Bronx hosting a talk show from their couch. (“You know what? At least the weather’s turned. Sweata weatha. Finally! Sweata weatha!”) The Brian Williams guest spot is a blast from the past.

Second: music! The Neighborhood released “Sweater Weather” in the spring of 2013. You've definitely heard this song (there's over 390M views on the official YouTube video). The lyrics are notoriously elusive (“One love, two mouths / One love, one house / No shirt, no blouse”) and have spawned a lot of theories about what they really mean. (We’ll let you make up your own mind.)

Here in the Hudson Valley, of course, sweater weather is more than a skit or a song. Between now and March, it’s a way of life—so we’ve found the best styles to keep you bundled up during the long months of winter. From 100% cotton to 100% wool, solids to patterns, button mock to turtleneck (coming soon!), we’ve literally got you covered. 

Come by and see what we’ve got in store…and let us know what sweater weather means to you. 

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