Pizza near me...'s everywhereūüćē It seems like this has been the summer of pizza.¬† Surely, the ability to take out and eat it anywhere has helped this food category.¬† Kingston has long been home to independent, family run pizza parlors. There's some very solid old standbys here in town. To name a few: Picnic Pizza, Vincenzo's, Enzo's, Savona's, Angela's, Tony's and Broadway Pizza.¬†¬†

Over the last few years though, the focus on taste/flavors, crusts and overall experiences has really been evolved. We've had Pie for the People come home and open their 3rd shop here (excellent heritage, being in the former Papi's Pizza and Wings location).  We tend to order the 'elote', the corn is amazing.  

Two other new neighborhood spots are: Lola.PIzza, just around the corner from our shop on Fair St. Their pies are all themed and have a name.  We LOVE the Tiger Paw, which has pepperoni, onions and honey drizzled on at the end. Kingston Standard in Midtown has some killer pies (and lobster rolls) that complement all their local craft beers. This is a great option if you're looking to get some food 'to go'  grab a few 4 packs and some pies and find your spot outside.

Headed south out of Kingston, you'll find a few easy and approachable spots in the greater Stone Ridge area. Not really new anymore, Westwind Orchard is a spot to people watch and have a casual meal (don't go hungry and be prepared to wait).  Recently though, two new spots have opened even closer: The Stone Ridge Orchard has a wood fire that offers up tasty pies for you after picking apples. Simple and tasty, the location is on the edge of the orchard and you can relax in the wide open vistas of rows of fruit trees. Ollie's Pizza is just down the road in High Falls, and is a fantastic spot for late Summer/early Fall al fresco dining with any size group and your pets.  (Try the white pie with sesame crust.)

For other spots around the region, ask around, and don't be afraid to try something new, you might be surprised what's been there all along.  

Andrew + Clark

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  • Michelle

    were only recommending pizza spots close to Kingston because IMO the best pizza spot is in Rhinebeck, Pizzeria Posto.

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