Where's YOUR Upstate?

As you're reading this, you're probably thinking, 'Hey, we should go upstate and pick some apples, get pumpkins and look at the leaves this weekend'

Well, where exactly is Upstate New York? Some say it's north of the Mid Hudson Valley (think Newburgh/Beacon), others say it's not until you're north of Albany (hello Adirondacks!)

The truth is, there is no exact authoritative definition of 'upstate'   Sure, there's areas we all know: The Hudson Valley, The Catskills, The Adirondacks, Central NY, The Finger Lakes, and of course 'Western NY (Go Bills!).  But WHERE is UPSTATE?  

Since we settled in this area in 2012, we have always believed that upstate was really a state of mind.   To us, it's a slower pace, a more beautiful day and most important, it's really chill.

Enjoy those leaves (and eat all those apples you picked)


  • BJ Menter

    Syracuse is Upstate! Go Orange!

  • Kevin Fennessy

    My Upstate is Oswego! Went to SUNY Oswego.

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