Why We’re Closed on Election Day

Throughout American history, individual citizens have always led the way for change—and we believe it’s time to make big changes in how we vote. That means giving all citizens the same opportunity to cast their votes safely, easily, and securely. 

Here’s what we believe: 

  • Election Day should be a national holiday 
  • Mail-in voting should be a universal option, encouraged and embraced
  • AVR (automatic voter registration) should be the national standard
  • Early voting is a safe, efficient, and effective way to help all Americans exercise their right to vote
  • All Americans should have their voices heard by voting
  • Voting should be taught in school

Outside of pandemics and a few major holidays, we rarely close our doors. But on November 3, we’ll be joining countless other small businesses across the country in closing up shop to support everyone’s right to vote.

If you’re voting on Tuesday (and we hope you are!), it’s always a good idea to have a plan. Here are some resources to help you plan your vote:

When we all vote, and when we’re all engaged in the process, we all win.


If you need a ride to the polls, let us know. 


Andrew + Clark


  • Mark


  • JIm & Sharon KNol

    We take the drive from Warwick to Kingston regularly and often make your shop part of our experience. You get a resounding ‘amen’ from us. Thank you for supporting people’s tight and privilege to vote.

  • Stephanie

    Leading by example! Thank you 🇺🇸!

  • Stephanie

    Leading by example! Thank you 🇺🇸!

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