A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day

So...Valentine’s Day 2020 feels like a decade ago, doesn’t it?

Like many of you, we’ve had a lot of time in the past year to reassess our priorities—and we’ve come to appreciate our friends and loved ones in a deeper, more meaningful way. 

That’s why this Valentine’s Day feels different. It’s not just about cards and flowers. It’s really just about love. And if you look around, there are so many different kinds of love in the world, and so many people who need a little extra love right now. 

In our culture, we tend to put romance on a pedestal. Meanwhile, we take other expressions of love for granted—like friendship, or companionship, or kindness toward strangers, or generosity toward our most vulnerable neighbors.  

So this Valentine’s Day, in addition to that bouquet or special something for your special someone, we encourage you to spread the love a little more than usual.

Practice kindness and compassion. Encourage those who are struggling. Support your favorite charities. Let your loved ones know they’re loved. And don’t forget to take care of yourself, too—to show yourself a little love—because we could all use a little more of that. 

If you’re looking for that perfect token of affection and you need a little inspiration, our Valentine’s collection is a good place to start. But whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, just put your heart into it...and the rest will follow.

Yours with love,

Andrew + Clark

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