The Return of the Skotch Kooler:

The Return of the Skotch Kooler:

If you know anything about us, you know how much we love an American classic. 

So just imagine our excitement when we discovered that two enterprising gentlemen in Minnesota had recreated the iconic 1952 Skotch Cooler - you know, that immortal picnic staple with the Scottish Wallace tartan exterior designed by Petra Cabot. (In case you’re wondering, yes: the Drapers had one on Mad Men.) 

We’re now thrilled to announce that Hamilton & Adams will be the first US retailer to carry these updated and reimagined Skotch Koolers, available now in store and online

Designed for durability and portability, these gorgeous pieces will make an unforgettable statement at your picnics, beach days, and backyard barbeques all season long. Here’s what you’ll find in store:

The Skotch Soft Kooler. This handsome piece features top-grain leather, a heavy-duty waterproof lining, a woven worsted wool interior, and that classic tartan design.

The Skotch Grill. Modeled after the original Skotch Grill from the 1950s, this one-of-a-kind item is your ticket to flame-grilled perfection. It features double-walled insulation, air-cooled ventilation, and a burn-proof fire pot that’s easy to clean.

We plan to carry other models as they become available in Fall 2021—but in the meantime, come by and check out these resurrected icons. We know you’ll find them as irresistible as we do.

Andrew + Clark

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