Fantastic Four: Celebrating Another Year of Hamilton & Adams

Picture it: April 8, 2017, in Kingston, New York. 

We were on the verge of a whole new adventure. We’d spent months preparing to open up our new shop. And in the midst of all that frenzied activity, one thought kept coming to us, over and over again: 

“What if we opened a store and nobody came?”

Look, we didn’t know what to expect. This was a new thing for us. We had plenty of retail and business experience, but building our own business was something else entirely. So we were doing a lot of guesswork and asking each other a lot of questions and realizing we didn’t have many answers. But we kept moving forward, trusting our instincts and trying to have a little faith that everything would be OK.

And then the big morning finally arrived. We opened our doors. know what? 

People showed up.

Not just a few people. Not just people we knew. So many people—from all over the community—crowded into our little shop all day long. We didn’t have a huge selection at the time, but nobody seemed to mind. You bought T-shirts and mugs and hats. You encouraged us to keep doing what we were doing. And you offered suggestions and made requests and helped us refine our vision for what this store could become. 

Four years later (how is that even possible?), we’re more grateful than ever for all of you who’ve shown up since day one. You’ve supported us, grown with us, and stuck with us—especially through all the unexpected challenges of the past year. 

Thanks to your ongoing enthusiasm and support, we’ve extended our footprint and opened a women’s shop. We’ve expanded our selection of exclusive merchandise to include styles for all ages. We’ve built more partnerships with brands like Skotch Kooler, Rains, Marine Layer, and more. And through it all, we’ve resolved to stay curious as we tackle whatever adventure comes next. 

If you ask us, that’s reason enough to celebrate. So today through Monday, we’re celebrating four years of Hamilton & Adams with:

  • 20% off everything, in-store and online (use code 'fourisfun')
  • New Upstate & Chill and Adventure Series T-shirts, hoodies, and more
  • In-store giveaways (including fresh local cookies from One N Only Cakes)
  • Gift card raffles on Instagram (up to $100 per day)

We hope you’ll celebrate with us by dropping by the shop, visiting us online, or just sending good vibes our way. 

Here’s to four fantastic years—and many more to come. 

With gratitude,


Andrew + Clark

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  • Judy Tallerman

    NO WAY! 4 Years! You and your store are AWESOME! You are a game changer for our area! Keep up the good work- love watching you succeed and grow!


    Congrats Andrew and Clark!!!

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