Is Denim Over? No. Here’s Why.


About halfway through 2020, we started seeing articles about the “demise of denim.” That’s when customers began asking us: is denim over? 

The answer is simple. No, we’re not done with denim. Here’s why.

It’s true that many denim-focused brands have been struggling over the past year. As more people began working from home, many of us started craving softer, more comfortable fabrics, in much the same way that we obsessed over sourdough and stocked up on certain paper goods.

But much like the panic-buying that defined last Spring, the denim dip is a temporary blip. It doesn’t signal the end of the era of blue jeans. 

Let us explain.

The history of denim in America goes back at least to the mid-19th century, when Jacob W. Davis reinforced a pair of denim pants with rivets to make the first pair of “waist overalls,” later known as blue jeans.  

Through all the tumult of the 20th century, denim (especially in the form of jeans) endured, evolving over time from a practical blue-collar piece to a ubiquitous staple, worn by people of all ages and from all walks of life. 

Denim became the stuff of Hollywood icons and the province of haute couture. It’s been whitewashed and stonewashed and boot-cut and skinny, regular and relaxed and straight and slim. 

But no matter who wore it or how, denim has always been there. And when we emerge from this period of relative isolation, it’ll be right there waiting for us. 

At Hamilton & Adams, we’re doubling down on denim, and we’re celebrating this enduring American icon with 20% off all denim for men and women all weekend long.  Use code 'denimdays' through February 28th

Here’s a brief look at what’s in store:

Our Denim Days event will continue all week long. So come by the shop or visit us online, and we’ll fix you up with a great pair of jeans...because we believe that denim is here to stay.  

Yours in comfort and style,

Andrew + Clark

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