The Perfect Place for Upstate Apple-Picking

As October dawns, we’re in the height of fall here in the Catskills. Apple picking is quite possibly the most quintessential Upstate NY fall activity (besides a breakfast of Cider Donuts, but more about that in another post).  

On one of our first trips to the area (decades ago), we went apple-picking. We found our way to Apple Hill Farm in New Paltz and quickly filled our bags with fresh apples. (Let’s face it: for most people, apple-picking lasts all of 15 minutes. We love harvesting the fruit of someone else’s labor, but there’s no reason to go overboard.) 

What’s so important to remember is that these farmers work literally all year to prepare for the 6-week window of the apple harvest. From Marchwhen unseasonably warm temperatures can push the flowers out too earlyto the early frost warnings in September, the people behind these orchards are working all year for us to pick a peck. We encourage you to support these hardworking families as much as you can. And if you’re tempted to grumble about the price, keep in mind how much effort has gone into that beautiful bag of Galas you just selected.

Some of our favorite spots are:

If you aren’t into picking your own, all of these places will offer you a pre-picked selection, and a variety of other fall-themed produce and accoutrements to purchase. Make a day of it, then make a pie!

Andrew + Clark

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