We ❤️ Kingston

This weekend, we encourage you to spend some time exploring our city of Kingston.   When we were deciding where to open our business, it was clear that this city offered 3 big reasons over other locations:

  • The Community
  • The Location
  • The History

 Let's dig a little deeper into each of these categories and share more.

The COMMUNITY of Kingston is extremely warm and friendly.  While there are many families and folks who have been here for generations, there are also just as many people who have moved here to expand their own families and put down roots. One thing consistently feeling, is that all are welcome here. To explore more about the community, we recommend the following resources:

The LOCATION of Kingston couldn't be more perfect for those who love nature, being outdoors and all that fresh air has to offer.  Nestled between the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains; our city is minutes from sailing, skiing, hiking, camping, fishing- any adventure you might be able to imagine.  For some additional ways to explore these adventures check out these resources:

The HISTORY of Kingston is long, robust and complicated. When Europeans came to the area in 1614, the land was home to the Esopus people (part of the Lenape Tribe) as well as the Mohicans. Throughout the 17th century there were land deals, wars and battles with the settlers eventually pushing out the native people.  During the Revolutionary War, Kingston was serving as the NY State Capital and was burned by the British.  Spending much of the 19th Century as a merchant town and the county seat, Kingston flourished.  Post WWII, IBM brought jobs, stability and a solid middle class. Today that is all in the past and our city is reinventing itself again. We offer these resources to start your exploration of Kingston's History:

Friends of Historic Kingston: https://www.fohk.org/

The Burning of Kingston:  http://www.burningofkingston.com/schedule.html

Old Post Office: https://hudsonvalleyone.com/2015/07/11/friends-of-historic-kingston-memorialize-razed-post-office/

These above mentioned resources are by no means all encompassing. Please, feed your curiosity and get out there.  Stop by the shop while you're around, we'd love to chat about what your experience is like.  

-Andrew & Clark


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