Our Favorite things : What we're giving this year

This is the first year we aren't spending Christmas with our families, but we're excited to start our own traditions (we even spent our snow day yesterday baking our favorite cookies from our Moms. Read about those recipes here).

Earlier this week we shipped out our gifts. Clarks family is all in CA, and since the weather is mild we focused on some of our T's, dad caps and onesies for this new nephew Mickey!  (Mickey was born the week the pandemic started in March). Rounding out their gifts, we stopped into Clove & Creek and scored some yummy treats and treasures for the family to enjoy while we're apart this season. 

Andrew's family is scattered a bit, but all from Western New York (go Bills!).  We shipped off lots of our NY themed gear, and the holiday candle we created for our new tin mugs (you can get your own here). There's definitely some treats in these bags we don't want to spoil the surprise on!  

Our favorite gifts by far, are for Mickey and Andrew's niece Emilia.  We painted 2 of our paint by number Gnome kits and framed them.  We also included 2 gnome ornaments to round out the theme and give them something to remember every year in the future.  

Drop us a comment and let us know a new tradition you're starting, or an old one you're keeping alive, we'd love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful and SAFE holiday season.  2021 is almost here! 



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